About Us

CompuGift Limited is one of the most trusted names in the UK for promotional products.  Established in 1997, CompuGift was the first Internet based promotional gift supplier. We cut out the middleman, reduced our prices for online sale and went for it!

Hi, I'm Dan Toombs and I'm managing director and owner of CompuGift. Since we opened our goal has remained the same... 

We are here to help you get more attention, gain better recognition, and earn more money for your business, club or organisation by helping you find the perfect promotional gifts for your promotions. 

How Can We Help You?

I won’t bore you here about all the times we’ve helped people source the perfect business gifts for their brands when nothing seemed to jump out at them. I also won’t go into the hundreds of occasions that we have express printed thousands of promotional products for new customers when they were let down by novice suppliers. I’d love to if you ask though.

What I will do here is offer to work directly with you to ensure your next promotion is a huge success. 

Everyone who works at CompuGift is salaried and owns shares in the company. We are all here to help and take your business very seriously.


Please contact our sales office on 01642 782455 to discuss your individual requirements. You can also contact me directly on that number.

Care to chat?

I can be found daily on our social media networks.

Yours truly,

Dan Toombs Managing Director