Promotional Stress Balls Express Printed In No Time – Any Shape As Long As They’re White

Express printing any shape! Can it be? You bet!

Van shaped promotional stress balls
Our white van is one of our most popular shapes. We can express print and deliver!

Importers of promotional stress balls have kept large stocks of these popular squishy products ready for print for decades. They are some of the most popular giveaways in the UK and abroad. The problem with choosing from these large stocks of stress balls is that you have to choose what is in stock. If you want white van shaped stress products and they aren’t in stock, you might have to wait weeks or forget the idea all together. Now there is an answer to this problem and there’s more good news too!

Cloud shaped promotional stress balls
Cloud shaped promotional stress balls are popular with many different business types.

Remember the famous Henry Ford quotation “You can have any colour as long as it’s black”? Well the opposite holds true for stress balls. You can have any made to order stress shape in as little as two weeks as long as it’s white. As these stress toys are all manufactured in China, you can also take advantage of the superior printing available that just doesn’t exist in the UK. State of the art spot colour and/or full colour transfer printing will be applied to your stress products that looks better than any printing process available from UK printers.

White coloured animal promotional stress balls
Any animal with a white base can be express produced

Promotional stress balls are manufactured using hot melted white PU. For larger orders, a dye is applied if the customer prefers another colour but white liquid PU is always on hand and ready to use.

white coloured medical stress balls
How do you like these white based medical stress balls? Express printing is our specialty!

This means 3 great advantages for you.

1.) Superior quality from ethical manufactures

All of the stress products on this service have past all EC regulations. You can rest assured that the products you order are of the highest quality and that they have been ethically produced. We have gone to great lengths to ensure this is the case.

2.) Superior print quality

Would you like white stress ball vans that look like your company vans? We can do it right down to the complicated full colour logos! As long as the product is white, we can express print in no time. New and improved shapes such as our white transit van, cloud, footballs and rugby balls can all be made quickly for you in white.

3.) Price

We deal only with the best manufacturers in China. You purchase directly from us as we do not use a wholesaler for our express services. You can expect to save between 30% and 50% for products that look much better than stocked pad printed stress balls. You can also rest assured that the stress balls are ethically produced by happy workers. Of course if you have a little more time, we can supply promotional stress balls in any shape and colour. If you’re in a hurry though, just choose white. You’ll love the end results. Note: Promotional stress balls manufactured to order can be produced in any colour and with any print in three to four weeks.

For more information about our express service, please contact us on 01642 782455.

Promotional Gifts – A Closer Look At These Strong New Business Builders

Promotional products are an excellent low cost means of marketing your new business.

Starting up a business can be both rewarding and exhausting. Whether you have a store front or will be operating from your home office, getting your first wave of clientele can be tricky. There are many ways to advertise your business, and most of them are very expensive. Print ads, such as newspapers and telephone directories, can be extremely expensive and take time to see results. Promotional products can be the most effective way to successfully advertise to new and potential customers. While the internet is slowly striking the death knell for print media, it has not affected the promotional products market at all.

Promotional products have been around for centuries. The first promotional gifts on record are the commemorative buttons handed out in 1794 to mark the election of George Washington, the first president of the United States. In the early nineteenth century a printer from Ohio, Jasper Meeks, persuaded a store to offer bags with their name on them, and the promotional gifts industry was born. Several of the promotional products that were offered back then are still available today and very popular: promotional bags, fans, calendars, caps and promotional clothing.

Promotional products have worked as advertising tools since then for a reason- they are fantastic at improving brand awareness. A promotional pen, for example, informs its user of your company everytime they write. Promotional mugs can be a daily advertisement with the morning meal and throughout the rest of the day.

The promotional stress toy (a small, squeezable object) can be shaped to complement any industry, and are very popular with their recipients. Executive promotional gifts, such as high-quality fountain pens, golf balls and even watches can be branded with your company name and information.

Make sure you know your market when choosing your promotional items. Hooded sweatshirts may look great, but if you’re in a climate that is mostly warm then you would be better handing out t-shirts or polo/golf shirts. The promotional pen is the most popular giveaway item today, along with fridge magnets, calendars and the promotional beverage mug.

Practically anything can be used as a promotional gift, you are limited only by your imagination and budget. At CompuGift we would be happy to assist you in finding the best promotional products for your  business. We can organise samples and our promotional gifts website offer instant quotes.

Promotional Fleeces – Our Branded Products of the Day

Promotional fleeces for men and women
Promotional Fleeces make great business gifts

Looking for ideas? Click here to visit our massive selection of promotional fleeces


I think most people will agree when I say that embroidered fleeces look great. I love walking in the Lake District and these personalised garments are worn by so many there. Usually they only sport the logo of the brand the produces the fleece but increasingly businesses are catching on to the idea of having their own logo embroidered for all to see. This is what makes a quality fleeces or jacket into a walking billboard for many companies.

Just think about the cost per impression on that one!

Often marketers think of quality clothing as being out of budget. This is especially so with smaller businesses. But when you consider the fact that your personalised clothing could be seen by thousands of people in its lifetime, you may want to have another think. This stuff works!

Here in the UK, personalised clothing such as fleeces go down very well. We’ve got the weather for them. Even in the summer months, many people can be seen wearing them. Now shouldn’t these people be wearing your logo too?

Often clotting is used as part of a uniform for a business or sports organisation. Garments can be colour coordinated with other products for a professional look that really gets noticed.

I’ve chosen today to write about embroidered fleeces because it happens to be quite cold outside at the moment. These are perfect business gifts for the winter months. They will get used often and each time they are you’re brand is certain to be seen. Embroider your web address and you will also most likely get a few more hits especially if you aim your promotion at those who are most likely to be interested in what you do.

Embroidery is different to other types of personalisation. Pantone matches are not possible but you can get very close. I’ve never had any complaints on colour issues in over 20 years in business. In fact, when embroidering for our  customers, we always supply a swatch so that they can see exactly how the personalisation will look before we proceed to branding all the garments.

Embroidery is also fast. You can expect your finished order in days rather than weeks. Express orders are our specialty.

For more information about the products and ideas mentioned here, please contact us on 01642 782455 today.

The Lamy Swift Pen – One Of Lamy’s Top 10 Best Sellers

The Lamy Swift corporate pen in four colours
Write with the Lamy Swift and you’ll be hooked.

If you’ve looked into promotional pens before, you’ve probably seen a low cost version of the Lamy Swift Pen. The copies are made in China and nowhere near the executive corporate pen that the original Lamy Swift is. All you need to do is sit down and write with the Lamy Swift rollerball and you’ll be hooked.

It is with this in mind that I would like to encourage you to give these high quality writing instruments a try. We would be more than happy to arrange for you to see a sample.

So what is so different about the Swift?

Well to start, they are high end writing instruments that are usually given away to a company’s best customers. With a starting price of around £20.00 each printed or engraved, they need to be for someone special.

Giving away promotional gifts like these shows your client’s and employees just how much they mean to you. These are gifts that are used daily for years. Each time they are used, your logo and/or message will be seen, further promoting your brand.

Replacement Lamy refills are easily found on the High Street as Lamy pens are now being sold through some of the UK’s most popular shops such as WHSmith, Selfridges and John Lewis. That said, your customers and employees will be able to write for a long time with the original refill as it has a writing life of over 10,000 metres. That’s one heck of a lot of writing.

In addition to the attractive nib area of the pen, I really love the integrated clip/push safety mechanism (a worldwide patent is held by Lamy for this mechanism so you won’t find it anywhere else.)

Click Here To Order your Lamy Swift Pens here.

When the pen is in use, the clip retracts into the body of the pen so that you can’t accidentally place it in your front pocket, ruining your shirt or jacket. This feature also makes the pen more comfortable to write with. When the tip is retracted, the clip reappears ready for use.

The Lamy Swift promotional pen can be expertly tampo printed or engraved. Engraving looks fantastic. Individual unique names can be engraved on each pen.

As with all Lamy products, all parts of the Swift are manufactured and assembled at the family run Lamy factory in Heidelberg Germany. The pen is manufactured with a valuable palladium coating in matt black, matt blue or anthracite lacquer finish.

Would you like to learn more about this eye-catching and memorable writing instrument? Please contact us on 01642 782455 or click here to go right to the Lamy Swift on our website.

Close up of the clip end of the Lamy Swift Pen
Close up of the clip end of the Lamy Swift Pen.
Close up of the nib end of the Lamy Swift Pen
Close up of the nib end of the Lamy Swift Pen.

Using Promotional Products & Content To Build Your Twitter Following

Promotional products can help grow your following quickly

Promotional products in use.
Promotional products like this Curry Guy chef’s jacket have helped build the brand.

There are a lot of ‘Twitter experts’ out there who claim quantity of followers doesn’t matter. The funny thing is, they usually have small numbers following them. Truth be known, if your business sells nationally or internationally, social media networking is like more traditional methods… you’ve got to be seen to have any chance of making a positive impact.

Attracting REAL followers who are interested in what you do takes commitment and a lot of hard work. The good news is it’s also fun work.

Three years ago I decided to do a little experiment. I felt I was failing at Twitter and wasn’t enjoying it. I had been tweeting regularly about the promotional products we supply and needless to say I found my time on Twitter a bit lonely. No one likes to read spam tweets.

So I decided to take a little break from my promotional products tweets and focus my Twitter efforts on my hobby, cooking. I wanted to try using the promotional products we supply from the other side by creating a new brand. My food blog The Curry Guy was born.

Promotional products are an excellent yet small part of the promotional mix

Using promotional products and of course useful content, my new Curry Guy Twitter account quickly overtook my business account. Every day I wrote new recipes, answered recipe questions and followed almost everyone who followed me.

After the first year, I discovered a highly successful way of using the promotional gifts my business supplies. I had low cost promotional pens, mugs and numerous cookery products printed with The Curry Guy logo.

The Curry Guy's best selling ebooks
I used content and promotional products to build my new brand and promote my ebooks.

These were not sent out willy-nilly but used as prizes to attract new followers and keep loyal readers of my blog interested.

Oh I hear some of you out there yelling at your screen for having read so far. Why would anyone want to invest money in promotional products and give them away for a social media campaign with no guaranteed return?

You need to decide what you hope to achieve with all your new friends but for me, I wanted their help promoting my blog and 3 best selling ebooks.

It is important to remember that promotional merchandise is not just those products that carry a printed logo and message. I gave away a lot of printed merchandise but soon my blog and how I promoted it began to attract interest from suppliers both in the promotional gifts industry and in the food industry.

As more followers found my blog because of the business gifts, new sponsors began to see how being attached to a popular blog could also benefit their businesses. Soon thereafter I was not only giving away the promotional products I supply but those offered by my new sponsors.

My sponsors and I all worked as a team. I created the content and they supplied a large range of gifts from free range turkeys to top quality chef’s knives. In order to have a chance at winning these excellent gifts, participants in the prize draws could choose from a large range of ways to enter; from promoting my website and those of my sponsors with their tweets, to simply asking their Twitter friends to follow us.

I am so happy to say that this opened up dialogue with thousands of new people. Many have become customers of CompuGift. Others have become friends and helped promote my ebooks, while others have become great clients of my sponsors.

This is a strategy that those who follow my food blog, my sponsors and I enjoy being part of. So much so that I am now creating new content and sponsored prize draws for my promotional products business. It is also a strategy that transfers easily to almost any business type.

I would be happy to discuss how this works in more depth if you are interested. CompuGift now specialises not only in top quality promotional products but also many different ways of marketing with new media.

Take A Look At These Balls… Promotional Balls For Business

Promotional balls are fun!

promotional balls - the football
A popular choice

Are promotional balls ideal for you? Although not in the top 10 of promotional gifts, these popular products may be worth some consideration. Imagine giving away promotional balls printed with your logo and/or important message. They’re fun for all ages and best of all they will be kept. Quality gifts are kept much longer than cheap giveaways. Earlier this week I saw some kids playing with their parents at the beach with a ball. The ball was printed with the logo of the children’s day care centre. My daughter pointed it out to me. What a great way to promote a business. The kids knew the logo and the parents would have enjoyed using the logo printed ball with their children. Promotional balls are great for children five to 105!Compugift supplies a wide range of promotional balls, from full sized footballs to beach and rugby balls. You name it, we can supply it! Just email us the logo and message you would like printed and we’ll get it sorted for you with top quality print. It’s funny how many people connect promotional balls with sporting events and sport related promotions. Though this is a common and popular use for promotional balls, there are so many other businesses that use them too. At Compugift, we’ve supplied printed balls to company’s large and small in pretty much every industry imaginable. No matter what business you run, promotional balls are great for getting your message displayed, thrown, kicked and tossed around. You know how it is… When you see a ball you just want to pick it up and kick it. These promo products have a way of bringing out the child in all of us! So what about that budget? Well at CompuGift, we supply inflated balls as low as 99p each right on up to professional quality footballs and rugby balls. Whatever your budget, we’ll find the solution for you from our huge range of promotional balls. So are logo printed balls ideal for you? Try to think how your clients and/or employees will receive them. Can you see the smiles on their faces? There you go… question answered. The question should be, who wouldn’t want one of your promotional balls? They’re great for all ages. So pick up the phone today and call 01642 782455 to get your unique promotional balls.

Want To Know How To Add Colour To Your Promotion With Promotional Travel Mugs?

Promotional Travel Mugs with mix-n-match colours
You can make your mugs to match your corporate colours. Choose the mug, grip, lid colours. Or you could choose from many colours to really brighten up your exhibition stand.

These are new this year and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. The colour combination possibilities are almost endless.

Promotional travel mugs are becoming increasingly popular and as you can see from the pictures here, having them made in the colour combinations of your choice can look spectacular.

These long lasting plastic mugs make excellent gifts for your customers and employees and can take your logo and message wherever they are carried. What’s more, they can be made to order from stocked parts in many different colour combinations. This will create even more interest in your brand.

Mug parts on an exhibition stand for people to build their own travel mugs
Here’s an idea for presenting your printed travel mugs at an exhibition.
Hand grips for promotional travel mugs
These rubberised grips make using the travel mugs more enjoyable.
Promotional travel mugs in many different colours
Go on… choose your colour!
No spill lids for travel mugs
The no spill lids are top quality and nice to use. These are gifts with real staying power.

You can even order the colourful parts in a variety of colours and let your customers create their own designs. As you can see from the pictures above, doing so can be a colourful addition to your exhibition stand or meeting room.

The colourful pieces offer nice large print areas for your logo and details. Use all of this printable space and print your logo nice and large along with your contact detail or strap-line so that they are easily read.

Remember, these are more than just printed travel mugs. They are essentially walking billboards for your brand so be sure to use the print areas to their full potential. We can offer advice and mock up samples to assist you with this.

Promotional spill safe travel mugs are not only used by people on the go. Many popular coffee shops and clubs are now offering free or discounted cups of coffee to those who bring in their own reusable mug. Many people are taking advantage of this on their way to the office where they finish their logo printed drink. The mug then usually remains on their desk for their work colleagues and visitors to see.

Truth is, all promotional mugs are fantastic business gifts! Almost everyone enjoys a few coffee or tea breaks during their work day or at home. Offering these people a good quality insulated travel mug to use during their break will ensure your logo is always close by.

This means it will be much easier for them to quite literally put their hands on your details next time they require your products or services.

So what are you waiting for?

Ask for samples today of these new multi piece mugs. Heck, why not make us go to a little work for you and send you samples of the parts in the colours that are closest your your company colours? We are sure you will like these low cost mugs and look forward to working with you.

You can go straight to our promotional travel mugs selection when you click her

Up To Date Information About Promotional USB Flash Drives

Standard shaped USB Sticks from stock range
Here are just a few of the popular standard shapes. These USB sticks are kept in stock and can be express printed.

You are no doubt finding yourself increasingly aware of how fierce the competition is in today’s world. Your competitors are vying for the attention of your customers in more ways than ever before. It’s time to start thinking about how you can stand above the competition and get your message into the right hands. One of the most innovative ways to do that is to give your target customers modern day promotional products that they will find useful.

Branded USB flash drives are such products.

These little memory sticks are being used now more than ever. Most technological products become obsolete after a few years due to the rate of innovation, but USB sticks have become more popular and, perhaps more importantly more interesting over the past few years.

Credit Card Shaped Promotional USB stick
We love these thin credit card shaped USB flash drives. They fit nicely in a wallet which makes them easy to carry from place to place. These are kept in stock for express delivery.

Since I originally wrote this article back in 2010, these business gifts have become not only more valuable in the day to day running of our businesses but nicer to look at too.

Back then, few people used them or even knew what they were used for. The passage of time really can bring good things.

Increased storage capacity and reliability has made them a must-have item for many people, which makes them a perfect promotional gift. New designs and the possibility of having them made to order in the shapes of your choice helped rocket them to becoming some of the most requested products of the past year.

Made to order USB flash drive
We can now design and deliver USB sticks in the shape of your choice. Here’s one we did in the shape of an iron. What shape would you like yours to be in?

The small, sleek USB flash stick comes in a vast array of shapes and colours as well as different materials. The standard shape is the thin stick made from plastic, but other standard shapes and popular colours have hit the market recently that you will want to check out if the idea of giving away branded USB sticks appeals to you.

Standard shapes can be rectangular, oval, round or square. The exterior can be plastic, rubber, metal or even wood. Some USB flash drives have a keyring hole or loop so that they can be carried easily on a keychain. The design you choose for your USB flash stick will be complemented by your organisation’s logo imprinted directly on the exterior.

Promotional USB flash drives
Eye catching and oh so useful. Here are some more from our express range.

Your own products/services will no doubt be the answer to one or more of your target customers’ problems. Your job is to ensure that they receive and understand that message loud and clear. These innovative products can help you to do just that.

Your products and services are the answer to their needs so it is a good idea to promote that by giving them business gifts that will reinforce this fact by appealing to their wants. If you feel that your target customers might want to have an easy way to store and carry information, then these are the products that will keep your brand in front of them regularly.

It is important to understand all of the possibilities these products have on offer. Not only can you have them made to match the shape of your logo or product, you can also have important information such as white papers you’ve written or videos that will help them use your products more easily pre-loaded onto the USB sticks.

Promotional USB people flash drives
We carry a full range of USB sticks in the shape of people. There is a flash drive that will appeal to almost every profession. From doctors to athletes to policemen. For more information and a sample, just ask.
USB People
Here are a few of the USB people you can choose from. There are many more!

The sky really is the limit. From design assistance to information about how you can make your corporate flash drives far better than anything your customers can find on the High Street, we are here to help.

For more information, please contact me on 01642 782455.

Introducing A New Pantone Perfect Printing Method For Promotional Mugs

Pantone Matched Printing onto ceramic mugs
Perfect Pantone matches are now possible. If you’ve every experienced problems with your colours printing properly onto ceramics, your problems are now over.

The days of old are definitely behind us when it comes to printing mugs for promotional uses.

If you’ve ever purchased branded mugs and cups for your business, you may have run into a little problem that was unavoidable until now. That’s right, the print on the surface just wasn’t your corporate colour.

Yes, we were usually able to get close but close was not always good enough. There were two reason for this which I’ll explain to you. While I do this though, just keep looking up at that perfect Pantone print in the picture above. If you want Pantone matched ceramics now, you need not look any further.

Back in the old days – 2013 and before – there were complications in getting perfect matches. Bright colours such as red would look a dull rusty colour when printed onto darker surfaces such as black or navy.

In additioin, our printers were limited to the colours they could print. This was because mug printers did not use Pantone inks. Instead they used inks that would perform best when subjected to the high heat of the firing process. Alas, the intense heat almost always changed the colours some.

Bad suppliers would simply send you your order after ensuring you signed off your right to return the discoloured stock, while better suppliers would send you printed samples before printing all the mugs for your order.

Often you would be presented with two or three slightly or dramatically different finished samples printed with your logo. You would have to choose the best option or decline them all together and cancel the order.

Pantone perfect printed mugs by CompuGift
You’ve got to hold and use one of these Pantone perfect mugs. Be prepared to be impressed.

Not any more!

After months of trials and test with a new Pantone matched ink, we can now offer you colour perfect print onto mugs. What’s more, this ink can be applied to almost all of our ceramic designs.

Now you may wonder whether the new inks are safe and if so will they last?

The answer is yes and yes.

The new inks are perfectly safe and they last just as long as standard inks. They are even dishwasher safe.

We would be more than happy to arrange for you to see samples of this new personalisation method. Use them. Wash them. See for yourself why I am so excited about this advance in printing.

If you’ve every experienced problems with mugs not looking their best in the past, your problems are now over.

For more information, please contact me on 01642 782455.

5 Inventive Ways to Promote Your Hotel with Hotel Themed Stress Balls

Promotional bed shaped stress balls - one twin and one double bed
Bed shaped stress balls are popular for many types of businesses. They are an obvious good choice for hotels and B&Bs.

When business executives travel to hotels, they want comfort, relaxation, and great customer service. The relief of stress is something highly valued in highly busy executives that are traveling for meetings or in people simply taking some time off from work.

Showing your devotion to a relaxing environment has never been easier than with hotel themed stress balls. This article will offer 5 great ways you can promote your hotel with hotel themed stress toys.

Two promotional stress ball beds
Here is another view of our popular promotional stress ball beds. Want to see a sample? Just ask.
Stress ball cow shape dressed as a chef
These chef cow shapes are excellent for placing on pillows promoting your hotel restaurant.

1. Hotel Themed Stress Balls as Nightly Gifts on Pillows

A charming way to make guests value your hotel is by placing chocolates and hotel themed stress balls on their pillow after their first night. Guests will appreciate the relaxing gift after their first night and will remember the nice gesture in years to come!

2. Nightly Cocktail Hours

A fun way to get your guests socializing in a hotel is by hosting a cocktail hour every night with free cheese and drinks. At a cocktail hour, be sure to place baskets of hotel themed stress balls on tables. These toys charm guests and can even be great conversational starters about the amazing qualities of your hotel!

Promotional stress ball alarm clock
Promote your special breakfast or happy hour with these squeezie clocks.

3. Hotel Gift Stores

Another great idea is to give hotel themed stress toys for free with the purchase of any item in a hotel gift store. Guests will feel like they are getting more for their money and will be pleased when they go to relieve stress later with the stress toys!

Promotional stress ball dice
Printed dice stress balls are excellent for casinos and also games nights.

4. Hotel Casino Gifts

If your hotel contains a casino, then stress items can be great for casinos. Sometimes stress balls can be a great way for winners to feel even better about their winnings, and can ease the sorrow of those who perhaps lost a bit of money. Other great promotional gifts for hotel casinos are decks of cards, pens, and note pads.

5. Gifts Upon Arriving

A wonderful way for hotels to greet guests upon their arrival is through gift bags in their hotel room. Creating gift bags with promotional mugs, hotel themed stress balls, pens, note pads, and a map of the surrounding city is a great way to make guests feel welcome.

Printed stress items are an important way that hotels can communicate their relaxing environment to guests. There are many different shapes to choose from. You might even like to have custom shapes produced that are unique to your hotel.

Have I convinced you? Please contact us today to discuss your individual requirements.